To Love And Be Loved

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If you’re gonna listen to Tool, its gotta be Loud.

Also, Boy Meets World is the same equivalent to those cheesy Wolf t-shirts we had as kids. We didn’t appreciate them enough in the Past but need them more now in our Later Years than we ever did then.

Its Sad when a Memory is more Soothing than a Moment and its even Worse to know the Difference…

If I had a scheme for everything,
It seems I’d be sure that I could change it all,
If I had it in me to stop my random thoughts,
and my dumb dreams
I could deal with this nonstop spinning world.
If only I could say that everything’s ok
take a good look
and look the other way,
frustration, hell, who needs it anyway.
I’d rather sit back,
and just smoke cigarettes.
be the one with the loudest mouth
be the most closed minded that I could get

She thinks this chair is a special couch just for her naps.

No matter what I do, I always feel Lost and Stuck.

Sangria and blueberries! Mmmmm yummeh day off
Husky Derp
Saying goodbye to my best friend today RIP Ramona